The reason people don’t start podcasting?

Hey, welcome!

So you’re thinking about starting a podcast?

I get a lot of messages from people looking to start a podcast, but they don’t know:

  • Where to start
  • What to podcast about
  • What equipment to use
  • How to get on iTunes
  • and many other questions

Maybe you’re wondering those same things…

That’s OK.

Just don’t let those questions hold you back from getting started.

We’ll answer them all in the next 10 days – At least that’s the goal 🙂

No matter if you want to start a podcast for fun, business, education, growth, or simply an excuse to interview your favorite people, you’ll know how soon enough!

Action step: Commit to starting a podcast. (not so bad right?)

Keep an eye out for your next lesson tomorrow: “How to figure out what to podcast about”

Even if you think you already know, you won’t want to skip this one.

Talk soon,
Rajesh Vadlamani

P.S. Why do you want to start a podcast? Hit your thoughts in comments and let me know!

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