My Journey from Middle-Class to Freedom Entrepreneur & Coach!!

freedom entrepreneur Hi, my name is Rajesh Vadlamani, nice to meet you!

I work with motivated spirits just like yours that want to quit their 9 to 5 jobs and embrace the entrepreneurial adventure.

I came from a middle-class family, and my father is the only income source to my household. I grow watching him being restless, frustrated, angry due to his nature of the job and I realized this is not only the case with him, almost all who are struck up with their corporate jobs feel the stress and emotional imbalances.

When I started my job, I experienced it personally over the years of my professional career (I had 7+ years of professional experience in various industries) That’s where I have decided that I need to start doing on my own, I should be My Own  Boss, because these corporates are taking troll out of me which affects personal life, mental & emotional stability. 

I Quit, my well-paying job to follow my passion to be an entrepreneur and also to fulfill my mission to impact at least 100,000 people’s lives by giving them Freedom Lifestyle.

I surrender to a mentor who was making over a million a month.

I followed his precise formulae.

I learn the art of traffic generation, list building, conversions, copywriting and tribe building.

Today, as a Coach I’m nurturing a tribe of members from all over the world.

I call this the “Freedom EmPowerer’s Tribe

I now help people step into their true potential by using the power of their mind to achieve great results in selling digital products and online coaching systems. I now teach people how to create multiple streams of income using the internet. This includes Affiliate Marketing, Digital Course Creation and High Ticket Consulting models.

If you are able to resonate with my vision, then let’s stay connected.

I’m glad that you got to learn more about me thru this page.

You are awesome.

You are my next success story.

Looking for real change in your life? Want to build a better future?
Start your freedom business now without office and employees!

Do you have a business or an idea you are passionate about but you don’t have the knowledge or time to create the web material and strategy you need?

Do you know the Hard Truth ? You cannot become Wealthy with your Working Income !

You need to create Net Worth around yourself with Multiple Streams of Income, but here is the catch !!! Not everyone could able to do it. WHY?

Because 96% of people don’t understand what it takes to be in the Elite 4% of Wealthy people in the World.
If you wanted to be in that 4% of Wealthy people then definitely you need to learn and master it.
Everything is about you and what you want to do, I am only here to guide you and support you to make you realize your dreams!

And I’m glad that you are here.

I would love to help you achieve your goals.

Let’s Start Your Journey By Fine Tuning Your Mindset to be Wealthy and Successful.